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Power in Partnership (Runcorn)

3-5 Alcock Street Runcorn Old Town WA7 1NA

Claire Bradbury set up ‘Power In Partnership’ in 2011 after working in Halton’s third sector, Claire’s passion is to nurture young people from the most disadvantaged backgrounds, helping them to gain skills and qualifications to improve their life opportunities.

Power In Partnership is a Power Houses for community learning within socially disadvantaged wards across Halton. The first Power House was opened on Alcock Street in Runcorn Old Town, we now have centre’s in,

  • Runcorn – 3-5 Old Town, Alcock Street
  • Widnes – 7 Queens Avenue

We believe that all young people have the potential to develop their own skills and talents given encouragement and a learning environment that helps them to study in a non-traditional, community based setting rather than using an academic, class based approach.

We believe that our learning model provides students with a flexible and laid back approach that is tailored around their individual needs. We want to get away from the stigmatizing ‘NEET’ label and treat these young people, not as failures but as valuable members of society with skill to offer.

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Available Services

  • Build confidence and self-esteem. Raise aspirations. Develop personal, social and basic skills.
  • Access to specialist information, advice and support services to address needs. Provide safe, fun and enriching experiences. Promote further learning and progression.
  • Provide specialist support to meet individual needs.
  • Information, advice and guidance
  • Mentoring and coaching.
  • Basic skills and personal development programmes.
  • Sign posting and referral to our extensive range of partners.
  • Access to specialist information advice and support services.

Upcoming Hub Events

There are no scheduled events at this site. Check back soon