Job TitleBand/SalaryClosing DateWebsite / Reference
Project Support OfficerBand 418 November 2021287-MIAA-33-21
Project Co-ordinatorBand 518 November 2021287-MIAA-32-21
Assistant Technical Officer - Pharmacy RadiopharmacyBand 219 November 2021287-DSS-388-21
Senior Radiopharmaceutical AssistantBand 322 November 2021287-DSS-390-21
Senior Biomedical Scientist ImmunologyBand 722 November 2021287-LCL-161-21
Deputy Ward ManagerBand 611 November 2021287-SUR-356-21
Interventional/X-ray RadiographerBand 619 November 2021287-DSS-368-21
CT/MRI RadiographerBand 619 November 2021287-DSS-369-21
Senior Data AnalystBand 615 November 2021287-MIAA-31-21
Occupational TherapistBand 518 November 2021287-DSS-374-21-A
DietitianNHS AfC:18 November 2021287-DSS-394-21
Band 6
Deputy CT ManagerNHS AfC:18 November 2021287-DSS-386-21-A
Band 7
Team Leader - Patient Appointment CentreBand 418 November 2021287-DSS-380-21-A
Higher Level Pharmacy Assistant - Medicine InvoicingNHS AfC:18 November 2021287-DSS-393-21
Band 3
Medicines Management TechnicianBand 511 November 2021287-DSS-193-21-C
Weight Management MDT Co- ordinatorNHS AfC:11 November 2021287-DSS-381-21
Band 4
Locum Consultant Acute MedicineNHS6 December 2021287-AEM-118-21
Medical & Dental: Consultant
Advanced Nurse Specialist- Interventional RadiologyBand 710 November 2021287-DSS-376-21
Rotational Occupational TherapistBand 621 November 2021287-DSS-397-21
Pharmacy Technician - Aseptic ServicesBand 417 November 2021287-DSS-387-21
Medical Laboratory AssistantBand 217 November 2021287-LCL-157-21
- Specimen Reception
Clinical Support Worker - Emergency MedicineBand 317 November 2021287-AEM-112-21
Therapy Assistant Practitioner - including via ApprenticeshipBand 417 November 2021287-DSS-294-21
Specialist Biomedical Scientist - Infection and ImmunityBand 616 November 2021287-LCL-159-21
Dispensary Pharmacy TechnicianBand 412 November 2021287-DSS-383-21
Consultant Clinical ScientistBand 8d18 November 2021287-LCL-158-21
Clinical Fellow in Emergency MedicineJunior Clinical Fellow11 November 2021287-AEM-89-21-A
Specialist Biomedical Scientist - Clinical ChemistryBand 610 November 2021287-LCL-156-21
Emergency Nurse PractitionerBand 714 November 2021287-AEM-109-21
Health Care AssistantBand 322 November 2021287-CEF-408-21
Fire Safety ManagerNHS AfC:21 November 2021287-CEF-395-21
Band 7
Staff Nurse - Department of Medicine for Older People and StrokeBand 522 November 2021287-SMED-525-21-A
ChefNHS AfC:9 November 2021287-CEF-423-21
Band 3
Personal Assistant/Project SupportBand 414 November 2021287-CEF-424-21-A
Catering AssistantNHS AfC:12 November 2021287-CEF-413-21
Band 2
Patient Access Clerk - Registration and TemplatesBand 312 November 2021287-DSS-356-21
Senior Clinical FellowNHS18 November 2021287-DSS-334-21
Medical & Dental: Senior Clinical Fellow
Security OfficerBand 210 November 2021287-CEF-410-21
Fracture Clinic AdministratorBand 318 November 2021287-SUR-405-21
Clinical Fellow in Critical CareCT1/F3 - ST3+19 November 2021287-ACHT-369-21
Head Of Operations - OPDBand 8c21 November 2021287-DSS-378-21-A
Advanced Pharmacist - NeurosciencesBand 8a9 November 2021287-DSS-373-21
Senior Practitioner PsychologistBand 8a9 November 2021287-DSS-362-21
Phlebotomist - A&E departmentBand 221 November 2021287-AEM-106-21
Ward Manager - Breast / Endocrine and OphthalmologyBand 712 November 2021287-SUR-375-21
Cardiology Research FellowNHS17 November 2021287-SMED-477-21
Medical & Dental: Clinical Research Fellow
Registered Nurse - Surgical Assessment Unit and Ward 29Band 519 November 2021287-SUR-289-21-B
Staff Nurse - Respiratory 6YBand 518 November 2021287-SMED-501-21
Registered Nurse - Head & Neck OutpatientsNHS AfC:19 November 2021287-ACHT-381-21
Band 5
Bowel Cancer Screening AdministratorBand 319 November 2021287-SUR-366-21
Maintenance Mechanical FitterBand 417 November 2021287-CEF-428-21
Temporary Staffing Team LeaderBand 415 November 2021287-CEF-307-21-E
Nurse PractitionerBand 718 November 20212-287-CEF-346-21
Senior Research NurseBand 721 November 2021287-CEF-420-21
Surgical Simulation LeadNHS AfC:12 November 2021287-CEF-383-21-A
Band 7
Nurse Practitioner - Sexual HealthBand 616 November 2021287-SMED-522-21
Advanced Clinical Practitioner - Medicine for Older People and StrokeBand 8a11 November 2021287-SMED-488-21
Medical Secretary - Palliative Care & Acute OncologyBand 414 November 2021287-SMED-512-21
Staff Nurse - Nephrology Ward 6ABand 59 November 2021287-SMED-498-21
Ward Clerk - Ward 34 (General Medicine)Band 214 November 2021287-SMED-513-21
Deputy Divisional Nursing Director - AEMBand 8c10 November 2021287-SMED-521-21
Critical Care Stores and Procurement OfficerBand 318 November 2021287-ACHT-364-21
Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinical Nurse SpecialistBand 717 November 2021287-SMED-527-21
Ward Manager- Ward 3Y (Infection/Tropical Disease)Band 710 November 2021287-SMED-528-21
Junior Clinical Fellow in Critical CareMT0410 November 2021287-ACHT-367-21
Consultant Foot and Ankle SurgeonNHS19 November 2021287-SUR-367-21
Medical & Dental: Consultant
Clinical Research FellowNHS12 November 2021287-SUR-346-21
Medical & Dental: Clinical Research Fellow
Locum Consultant - GastroenterologyNHS2 December 2021287-SUR-395-21
Medical & Dental: Locum Consultant
Macmillan Cancer Support WorkerNHS AfC:10 November 2021287-SUR-345-21
Band 4
Nephrology Home Therapies Nursing LeadBand 8a17 November 2021287-SMED-523-21
Stoma Support WorkerNHS AfC:17 November 2021287-SUR-360-21